Low Fees

Our prices are competitive and transparent with no hidden costs.We realise that every business is different so we offer you a range of recovery options to choose from. You can decide which option suits you best according to the level of debt your business has.


12 Month Membership Package

Our membership packages provide your business with comprehensive coverage to cost effectively manage large debts or multiple debts throughout the year. Your business will be offered a 7 Day commission free period, a fixed highly competitive commission rate, as well as a number of complimentary tools to assist your business in minimising future debt.

Your membership includes:

  • 12 months unlimited use of our recovery program
  • Unlimited FREE first Traders letters of demand
  • 7 day COMMISSION FREE period for every debt you load online
  • FREE first telephone demand
  • Immediate access to our lawyers on all your debt matters
  • Scale legal costs
  • FREE review of your existing Terms of Trade
  • FREE subscription and access to Veda for credit checks

Membership Packages

Membership Annual Fee Commission Rate
Gold Package $500 10%
Platinum Package $1000 5%
Individual Recovery

Individual Recovery provides your business with a commitment free performance based option that has no upfront fees.

This provides your business with flexibility for one-off-debts, and security in the knowledge that if there is no collection at the mercantile stage, there is NO CHARGE. Costs will only be incurred if you decide to issue legal proceedings against the debtor.

Our competitive commission rates are based on a sliding scale according to the debt amount and the age of the debt.

As a valued Traders client, we offer you a complimentary review of your existing Terms of Trade to ensure your business is fully covered for future matters. You’ll also have access to scale legal costs should the matter require legal assistance.

*Customised agreements can be negotiated for large debt amounts.


Debts over $5K                                              Debts under $5K 

Age of Debt Commission Rate Age of Debt Commission Rate
Under 6 months 15% Under 6 months 25%
Over 6 months 20% Over 6 months 30%

*All prices and percentages listed exclude GST. 

*Minimum Commission for Individual Recovery is $30 when collected.


Not sure which option is right for you? Use our Recovery Charges Calculator to guide you.


*Please note: Results from this calculator should be used as an indication only.The calculations do not factor in debts that are paid within the 7 day commission free period. Results do not take into account any letter charges or legal costs. The results provided by these calculations are an approximate guide only . The calculations and results generated do not constitute a quote or agreement by Traders Collection Services. Specific details of your fees and charges will be provided to you in your contract.